Our services include customised professional consultation for each couple on essential wedding preparations.


Customary Consultation

Selection of Dates

which are suitable for your big day and the related customary events based on the ancient wisdom passed down by the Almanac.

Prices starts from $89.

Advice on know-how

for your big day and the related customary events. A bespoke step-by-step guidebook to bring you through the beauty of the traditions without any hassle.

with the engagement of Selection of Dates Service.


Pre-Wedding Day Items

Betrothal Items 纳彩

We provide a wide range of Betrothal Items 聘礼 based on the different dialect groups and your needs.

Standard packages starts from $299.

Dowry Ensembles 嫁妆

We ensure that the traditional etiquette of Returning Gifts 回礼 are being respected to every details and your requirements.

Basic packages starts from $199.

Bed Setting 安床

Basic packages starts from $19.

Hair Combing 上头

Basic packages starts from $29.